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## Content
1. Opstheater
2. Branches
3. Installation
4. Need help?
1. [Opstheater](#opstheater-1)
2. [Branches](#branches)
3. [Installation](#installation)
4. [Need help?](#need-help)
## OpsTheater
......@@ -17,22 +17,16 @@ Opstheater is a fully Open Source stack of tools for managing infrastructure as
Opstheater has a few different branches, which you can use for different purposes.
* 1.6 stable
* 2.0.0 stable
* The latest stable version of Opstheater.
* 1.6 stable
* Use this branch if you want to get the code we had at the time of version 1.6
* Production
* This is the latest production environment of Opstheater.
* Develop
* Development environment for developer, stable.
* Refactoring
* Development environment mostly for trying out things (it can be unstable).
* This branch contains the latest stable code. Each time we do a release we'll cut a versioned branch off of production
## Installation
We have three different style of deployment.
* For development purposes please follow the instructions here. (link: <>)
* For trying out Opstheater for later production deployment, please use thi instructions (this moment we suggest you to use the “develop” branch).
We have three different styles of deployment. Please choose yours and proceed from there: <>
## Need Help?
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