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adding release checklist for OpsTheater release 1.5.0

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## OpsTheater Release Checklist for Release 1.5.0
**Following checks need to be performed after every release :**
- Check if you can login into following using your web browser :
- [ ] Foreman
- [ ] Gitlab
- [ ] Mattermost
- [ ] Icinga
- [ ] Grafana
- [ ] Kibana
- [ ] Check if you are able to send message using Mattermost.
- [ ] Check if you are able to create a user in Foreman and can login with that user.
- [ ] Check if you can see the logs coming up for OpsTheater components in Icinga Web UI.
- [ ] Try to search for a host in Kibana and check if you are getting logs of that host.
**Release specific Checks :**
*These checks will change on every release and will be more specific for the new changes that we are introducing in this release.*
- [ ] Login to Grafana web UI and check if you can see different metrics in Grafana
- [ ] Login to Kibana web UI and try to search for logs having source as "/var/log/puppetlabs/puppetserver/puppetserver-access.log". Check if the value of field timestamp is same as the time given in message field
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