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Support guidelines
We can only deliver support if all of the following conditions have been met:
no version upgrades of tools outside of OpsTheater provided versions
no changes outside the 70.opstheater_custom hiera file
# Installation
1. Requirements gathering phase
1.1 which tools do they want to use of the OpsTheater stack
1.2 hostnames
* (puppetmaster / foreman (if foss))
* (icinga)
* (kibana / other techs…?)
* (gitlab / mattermost)
1.3 resource allocation (either the default scheme or custom if need be)
1.4 HTTPS Yes or No?
If yes, need certificates for above hostnames
1.5 users (name, email address), groups
We need to create a sheet of sorts to collect what types of users and what types of access to be given eg:
Foreman users
Puppet users
Shell users (admin access)
Gitlab / Mattermost users
Icinga users
1.6 SMTP Relay information for our stack being able to send emails
SMTP Server Hostname
SMTP Server Port
Authenticated? If yes...
Uses TLS?
Uses StartTLS?
1.7 any custom requirements
1.8 any needed migrations from other tools
1.9 Choice of provider(s) (cloud / physical)
2. deploy vms/physical nodes
3. Installation of master server (FOSS or not)
More details…
4. Customization of client-specific opstheater-control repository to include client-specific configuration, SSL certificates, URLs, SMTP provider, etc.
5. Installation of requested OpsTheater-provided servers & services (puppetmaster / foreman (if foss)) (icinga) server (kibana / other techs…?) server (gitlab / mattermost)
6. Any manual configuration of OpsTheater servers not yet automated
Currently gitlab / mattermost integration requires a bit of manual attention post-install including…
Creating opstheater-control repository
Pointing the puppetmaster’s code source to the opstheater-control repository on their gitlab installation
Creating demo repository from
Setup mattermost
Enable mattermost team creation
Log into mattermost with root user
Create a team
Make the team a public team
disable team creation
Create integration
Copy/paste integration URL into gitlab for build notifications
7. (per-request) Client-specific configuration pre-discussed, such as setting up foreman to be able to deploy specific server types.
8. Creation of requested users in the various systems per-requested by the client.
## to be added to opstheater-control
In order to make deploys easier and upgrades also, we (W+F) propose something along the lines of this:
another hiera level 70.opstheater_custom
rename 60.opstheater to 60.opstheater_defaults
create besides the role and profile module also a module for each client that lives locally in their gitlab instance. We add it to their puppetfile so it gets deployed nicely
from 70.opstheater_custom we can have keys refer to a path in the client specific module
Release process
On the 23rd of each month, we feature-freeze opstheater-control and freeze versions of included tools
create a branch pre-release off of that version?
list out current stable versions of the tools included in opstheater
We test upgrade from previous stable version
We test fresh deploys
We incorporate any extra changes only if they are otherwise breaking
We create release notes
on the 28th of each month, we release the new version and help clients with support contracts upgrade
a tarball of the pre-release branch named after whatever version tag it then has
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