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# Contributing
I love pull requests from everyone! By the way, I have a favor to ask you with your contribution :bow:
## Making changes
- Currently, this gem supports only __AWS__ resources. Other providers are supported as separated gems.
- Datadog: [terraforming-datadog](
- DNSimple: [terraforming-dnsimple](
- Do not bump gem version in your pull request.
- Please follow the coding style of _existing_ code. Most of trivial rules can be checked by [RuboCop]( ([`rubocop.yml`](
- Coding style is checked automatically by [SideCI]( right after creating pull request. If there is error, SideCI comments at the point error occured.
- Please write tests for your changes. All tests are written with [RSpec]( In principle, I do not accept if the change decreases test coverage.
## Adding new resource
- Class name must match to Terraforming's resource name without `aws_` prefix, and be a complete resource name.
- e.g. `aws_iam_group_membership`: `IAMGroupMembership`
- Yes, I know that some of resources I added a long ago don't follow to this rule...
- File name must also match to Terraforming's resource name without `aws_` prefix.
- e.g. `aws_iam_group_membership`: `iam_group_membership.rb`
- Command name should be abbreviation.
- e.g. `aws_iam_group_membership`: `iamgp`
- Please check generation result by executing `terraform plan` with real resources. There should be NO diff with generated `.tf` and `.tfstate`.
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