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......@@ -30,7 +30,12 @@ Some topics which are suited to real technical documentation:
* How to install and configure a computing cluster using tool 'X'.
* How to integrate a certain CI system with a certain cloud provider
We try to have one blog post per month. The current maintainer of
[OlinData's blog][odblog] is @otl.
Articles are put into the queue every second Friday. An article from
the queue is posted every second Tuesday. For the current schedule see this
Google calendar:
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The current maintainer of is oliver at
See [internal/www]( for more
tech detail on how articles are posted, formatted etc.
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# OlinData currency
## The flipper
In order to encourage certain behaviours within our company we are using a currency called the Flipper. The Flipper is not directly tied to monetary value but instead can be used for different things which you get to choose over time.
The shorthand sign for the Flipper is Fl.
The origin of the choice for the word flipper is the '80's tv show:
## Earning Flippers
You can earn Fl for a number of things. Some Fl will be gained by everyone for certain group achievements. You can also donate FL to each other to show appreciation.
| Activity | Reward |
| --- | --- |
| Pull request to a third party open source project | 1 |
| Open an issue that gets accepted in a third party project | 1 |
| Speaking on a (free) community meetup | 10 |
| Speaking at a conference | 50 |
| Publishing a blog post on the OlinData blog | 5 |
| Completing a 20% project | 25 |
| Speaking on our meetup | 15 |
| Tribe project completion | 35 |
## Spending Flippers
From time to time we will publish a list of things you can spend Fl on. These can be experiences, gadgets or other non-monetary things
## All time high
We will not only allow purchases but also keep track of how many flipper someone has gathered over the years so we can provide incentives based on all time goals.
## Keeping track
Score is being tracked here:
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