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## MavenLink
Mavenlink is our current Professional services automation tool.
It allows for Time registration, Project management and Project documentation.
Currently we're doing a company-wide pilot, but if all goes well we intend to use
this as a single-source-of truth for these processes.
By the time you have your first billable client you should have an account and be completely set up.
To be able to leverage this system to its full potential we require you to do a few things.
### Time tracking
To keep our information up-to-date, you are required to register your hours at least once a week, but preferably more.
At the end of every week (Friday) your timesheets should reflect the hours made in the previous week.
### Project updates
MavenLink allows us to register a few different things in addition to our hours. Things like project duration and short comments- and notes. When anything changes- or happens at your project: please update Mavenlink to reflect these changes.
## RedMine
Redmine is not used too much anymore but it contains a wealth of
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