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# employee-handbook
The OlinData employee handbook
# The OlinData employee handbook
The end-goal is to have a nice crowdsourced handbook like the one clef uses:
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This repository contains the OlinData handbook that should explain anything that can reasonably be explained in public. This handbook is public and open source and we're happy for others to copy/use as they see fit.
# Table of Contents
* [About our culture](
* [Employee benefits](
* [Branding](
* [Code of Conduct](
* [Financial Info](
* [Joining OlinData](
* [Dealing with the Media](
* [Software and Saas products we use](
* [Taking time off](
# Inspiration
The end-goal is to have a nice crowdsourced handbook like the one clef uses: <> or the one from [GitLab](
## Employee Benefits
### Employee’s Anniversary Appreciation
Each employee will be awarded a token of appreciation (in different forms) for their anniversary in working with OlinData.
### Employee’s Birthday
On each employee’s birthday, a card (or/and present) will be delivered to the employee’s house (unless requested in otherwise) as a gift from the company.
## Conference attendance
* One conference of choice outside of EU per year (airfare, conference ticket and accommodation maximum of EUR 2500)
* acceptance rests with Mine Heck and is a combination of factors: have you been accepted to speak? Can you motivate why that conference is important to you and to OlinData?
* 2 conferences in Europe (budget to be discussed)
* Unlimited time to attend meetups and local (in-country) conferences
* subject to approval with Mine Heck. Factors for decision among others will be: Are you speaking? Is there a unique reason for you to be there?
* One professional training a year (maximum budget of EUR 2000).
* for this we prefer close proximity if possible.
## Employee Personal Development
### Performance Development
Catch-up calls are ways to get feedback on performance, just ask for it. No one bites. =)
Should you need one every few months or annually, just make an appointment with Walter & Mine, or whoever it is you wish to talk to and they will certainly be happy to give you some feedback.
### Courses/trainings you may wish to take up
With OD's 20% project, you may wish to take up a course/training of your choice that will be beneficial for OD when you use the new skills/knowledge you have learned. Or you may wish to take up a course/training as part of your role in OD.
OD is always open to having employees learn more and if it is beneficial, OD is happy to pay for your course/training fees, depending on the course/training.
Should you wish to take up a training/course, please do have a discussion with Walter and Mine before signing up as they are the only ones who can authorise you with permission and decide on whether OD will cover the costs for you.
# Name Card
You will be given an art file of your name card. You may then send the art file to any of the local printing shop at your place and the expenses will be reimbursed by the company. Total printing quantity recommended is 100 pieces (1 box) for tech or support team and 200 pieces (2 boxes) for sales team.
# Email signature
Email signatures are used within Olindata for outgoing email. We need to standardize this to show the professionalism.
## Basic Format:
Best regards,
Firstname Lastname
OlinData - DevOps done right!
Mobile: +31 (0) 12345678
Twitter: @OlinData
### Standardize with the followings:
**Font-size**: small
**Text color**: RGB ( 102,102,102 ) (this is the medium grey third from the left)
Link the following items
* Olindata (<>)
* Twitter (<>)
### Example
Best regards,
Name Lastname
Job Title
OlinData - DevOps done right!
Mobile: +31 (0) 12345678
Twitter: @OlinData
### Rapportive
We encouraged all employees to use Rapportive as it allows you to see the profile of your mailing contacts, also, allowing your mailing contacts to see your profile.
## Code of Conduct
### Confidentiality and protection of company data
All company data and issues/topics that are talked about (especially pertaining to customers) should be kept confidential
Company documents/presentations/information should only be released to relevant parties
A breach of confidentiality is a very serious matter so please ensure that you are careful with company data and documents. Keeping company related user accounts in KeePass or something similar is a must.
### Copyright
All work that you create under the OlinData name belongs under the OD copyright and will become property of OD.
You may use it for portfolio purposes with the work credited to being done under OD.
## Company culture
You'll be reporting on paper to your direct manager. That said, we try to keep the hierarchy out of the way. We're small and we're all on the same team here. In your daily work, both Mine as well as Walter are equals to you. We will do our very best to keep seniority or rank out of business decisions, and instead make decisions based on verifiable sources. We think the only times that this will be an issue is when there's real trouble. Either from your side or from ours, we would like to make it clear on paper. We aim to never get in any kind of trouble, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. At such times it's better to have clearly defined who you report to so you can go to them and trust them to handle your problems. We'll all be equal in every day work though.
### Honesty
In our company culture, we find honesty super-important: If you mess up (which we all do, we're learning every day) don't worry, we don't do the blame game. Just confess as soon as you find out and we'll work together to find a solution for the problem. We find that is much more productive than pointing fingers. Obviously, we strive to mess up as little as possible ;)
### Initiative
Next up on the important list: Initiative. This one is strongly related to us being geographically distributed and being so young. We like it when you say: "hey, i think this thing over here is important, can I pick it up or can someone else do it?". That makes us better every day. After all, you're the one that knows your skillset best, and even though it might be super-obvious to you, we might have never thought of it :)
### Communication
Another big one: Communication. No one expects you to jump up and do a task as soon as it comes in (unless someone is literally dying maybe ;) ). What is important though, is that you respond and let us know what we can expect. Not immediately, but definitely within the next business day. In general, on the tech side we have a policy that we don't do emergency support but we'll jump in if we happen to be online. If we're not online, we'll help the next business day. That might seem strange, but as long as we're honest about it upfront, it's clear to clients what they can expect. The same goes for internal communications: if you happen to be online, just respond that you'll look into it later. Takes 30 seconds more than only reading it, but it does let the other person know what they can expect.
Your primary work focus is the role given in the team. That doesn't mean your work has to be limited to that though. If you want to try your hand at for instance graphic design, let us know and we'll figure it out together.
### 20% project
Related to the previous item, we have a 20% rule that was copied from Google's engineering team: you are allowed to spend 20% of your time (effectively one day a week) on some project that is not highest priority, and it can be anything you come up with, as long as there is some perspective of usefulness for OlinData (in the widest sense of the word). For instance (and this is just an example), Walter happened to have registered a domain called years ago, which in his mind was going to be a tripadvisor for divesites worldwide. If you think that that is what you would love to spend some time on, you could do that for your 20% work. Also, the 20% project is optional. If you feel like you want to not make use of the opportunity, that's cool too.
You're free to divide the number of hours assigned anyway you want. If you want to work 8 20-hour days per month that is fine with the management (although we don't think it's a great plan productivity wise ;) ) That said, it would be nice if you spread things out a bit so you'd be available at least a few hours during most weekdays. If you work better in evenings, mornings, weekends, etc. That is fine with us. The communication part we listed in one of the items below should make it possible for us to work asynchronously.
### do first, ask permission later
We have a culture of do first, ask questions later. Unless it is about something really important, we prefer it if you make a decision on something yourself, go with that and then tell us what you chose and why. In the beginning we'll monitor you a bit more closely, but especially after you get settled the above way works much better: example: instead of you asking us which color we want our new business cards to be, you just pick that fluorescent pink and then tell us why (and it better be a good reason if it's pink :P ). If someone doesn't like it, we can roll back relatively easily. The reality of the situation is that once your vetted, we trust your decision making skills. In 95% of the cases we'll totally agree with your decision, and the advantage for you is that you don’t have to wait for our decision on your task before you can continue.
### Multi-cultural
Something we do not want to neglect in this multi-religion company. We respect all religions, but it is your responsibility to not offend anyone and/or feel offended. Kindly not to bring any reference from your holy book or any religion related stuffs into the business environment, where we have no space for this. We would like you to respect each other, even if they don't agree with each other.
## Finance
### Salary
Salary is paid monthly, during the last week of each month. Should your salary include commission, please speak to Walter and Mine about the arrangements of when payment will be.
Should you want a review of salary, please speak to Walter and Mine about it. The salary review process will take into account your performance in your role, market rates for your role and OD’s ability to pay. Please do note that reviews will not necessarily lead to an increase.
OD has an open policy for the salary paid to each employee. We trust that we pay each employee at a fair rate. Should you want to know the salary being paid to any employee, feel free to talk to Walter or Mine. It is fine :)
### Trip compensation
#### Accommodation
Trainers are encouraged to stay with family/friends/Couchsurfing where it is possible. That said, the main priority is that you are well rested and feel comfortable at the place of accommodation.
In the cities where the above is not possible/feasible, OlinData will provide and pay for accommodation. We will look for the most suitable place within a certain price range like AirBnb rooms or simple hotels. OlinData will consult you before making the last decision, so you will have a say in the final decision.
Accommodation Price Range (Per Night)
* Singapore: SGD 50 - 60
* India: SGD 50 - 55
OlinData pays for the night before the engagement you are traveling for, the nights during the engagement and the night after the last day of the engagement. Hence, it should be 4 nights for a 3 days’ training but OlinData will cover the maximum of 5 nights per training.
If for any reason OlinData decides to fly you in earlier or fly you out later, your extra nights of accommodation will be under responsibility of OlinData. If it is not under OlinData decision, the extra nights shall be under responsible of the employee.
#### Transportation
OlinData will pay for employees' travel expenses between their city of residence and the city the engagement is in. The aim is to fly in the day before the training and out either on the last day of the training or the following day. If however flight prices are much cheaper on earlier days (on the way to the training) or later days (on the way back) we'll try to find a solution that is satisfactory to both employee and OlinData.
Change of itinerary for non-business reasons
If the employee wishes to fly in much earlier or fly out much later in order to add more time in the country, that is possible. In principal we will pay for the amount the flights closer to the training dates would cost us, but on individual basis we can decide to waver that rule. The same goes for flying in from a different location or flying out to/from a different location: we will look at the flight prices of the flight that would normally be used and if there is a significant difference the employee is responsible for paying that difference.
#### Daily Allowance
Daily allowance will be paid by per diem basis for OlinData Asia Employees from June 2014 onwards.
We will pay flight and accommodation separately, but every other expense will be within the per diem (including airport transfer services). The per diem will be added to the salary at the end of the month based on the number of days you spend out of your country/city. Please keep in mind that unless there is a different situation like two trainings happening or a customer visit, the maximum number of paid travel days per training is 5.
This clause is applying to all business trip, including private training when the client is not covering for the trainer’s expenses.
Singapore SGD 50/ per day (Revised on 13 October 2015 from SGD 65 to SGD 50)
India SGD 45/ per day (Revised on 13 October 2015 from SGD 50 to SGD 45)
Kuala Lumpur SGD 45/ per day (Revised on 13 October 2015 from SGD 50 to SGD 45)
As for OlinData India and OlinData BV employee, all expenses reimbursement will be based on receipts (Refer 3.3 Expense Reimbursement).
OlinData India - Rs. 2100/ per day
OlinData BV - Euro 50/ per day
### Expense Reimbursement
All expenses are subject to approval
Expenses have to be OD related in order to be eligible for reimbursement
If you are unsure on whether or not your purchase is valid for reimbursement, please do ask Mine before you purchase.
If you are buying any software for use with your job in OD, e.g. PDF Scanner, Keynote, please do let Walter and Mine know in advance before you purchase the software.
All expenses that require claims need to have a receipt. If you don't have a receipt, we cannot reimburse you.
What to do with expenses
Send the receipt to Mine. You can scan it or take a picture of the receipt (if you are taking a picture, do ensure it is of a good quality and we can see the details).
Your receipt will then be put into Xero and payment will be issued. For now, payment is issued together with your monthly salary. Should you need it urgently otherwise, please talk to Mine.
## Business Trip Arrangement
### Visa Application
What visas OD can provide
Currently, OD cannot provide any long-term visas for an OD employee to stay in a particular country.
If you are travelling for OD reasons, we will do our best to get you the appropriate visa you need for the particular country you are going to.
If you do need help with visas, please ask Mine and discuss about it.
### Travel Expenses
When will OD pay for travel
When travelling for OD-related matters, OD will cover expenses (flight, accommodation, transport) and/or give you an allowance. Mine & Irene will be handling your travel so please do talk to them if you need certain things. For more on travel expenses, please refer 3.2 Trip compensation
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## Joining OlinData
### Important information to provide when you join OD
* Personal details such as full name, address, date of birth, residential address (or where you are travelling in right now), phone numbers, meal habit, state of health (any allergies condition)
* Bank account details
* Emergency contact information
* Copy of your passport
Please make sure Mine Heck <> has this information as soon as possible after you start.
### Orientation
When you start with OlinData, we’ll train you on the products we use. There is no formal process as of yet, but here’s some of the stuff we’ll teach you:
* Admin/CRM/Systems to use: Podio, Slack, RedMine
Depending on your position, you will get some training, help and support from various people
* Puppet: Choon Ming & Walter
* MySQL: Walter
* Linux & Openstack: Choon Ming
* Sales & Marketing: Mine
* HR, Admin & basic OD finance: Mine
* Biz Development: Walter & Mine
### Setup Personal Profile
All employees have to setup their personal profile in Podio - OlinData HQ and OlinData website.
* Podio - OlinData HQ
Step 1: Click on the “Add Team Member” at your right.
Step 2: Complete all the details needed in the column provided accordingly.
Note: Please include Personal Contact Number (mobile and home), Country Identification
Card Number, Driving License Number and Passport Number under the “Notes”
column. For emergency contact number, please state the name, relationship and
easily reachable contact number.
Step 3: Just click any space outside the box and all your details will be saved.
* OlinData Website
Step 1: Sign in using your account given and create your own password
Step 2: Click on “Edit” button. You will be directed to a page to fill in your basic information
in each column accordingly, upload your photo and write a short biography about
Note: (1) Please DO NOT choose “Administrator” under “Roles” ;
(2) Please choose your respective country as your time zone
Step 3: Click “Save” at the bottom left after complete.
### Dealing with media/giving interviews
Should any media approach you or ask you for an interview, please ensure that you mention about this to everyone and that you are prepared for it in every way - physically & mentally. Should you need help, do ask Walter or Mine.
# Systems used in OD
* Podio
Podio is used for basic HR, our list of upcoming trainings and former trainees.
Travel information can also be added/found in Podio.
* Pipedrive
This is our sales CRM, used to store all cases/opportunities and keep track with all the actions needed.
* Slack
Just for basic chatting and correspondence within the teams. We have chatrooms per team:
General for general chat,
Admin Room for administrative stuff,
Sales Room for ongoing sales,
Engineering Room for tech team
Visitor Room (reachable from our site) for website visitors to ask questions
rooms for all on-going clients
and rooms for different on-going special project
*Note: All employees who are online at the respective time zone should take the responsibility in attending to the visitors. It should be acted quickly in responding, preferably less than 2 minutes.
Steps in attending the visitor in Visitor Room:-
Step 1: Greet and answer visitor’s question (only if you know clearly how to answer)
Step 2: Get the visitor’s email id and contact details
Example: Hi @XXX, could you please share your email and contact details just in
case this chat gets disconnected.
Step 3: Let him/her know that our sales person will get in touch with them and leave the
sales person’s email to visitors, so that they can reach them directly.
Example: We have a sales representative for EMEA based in Netherlands. Her name
is Mine and you can reach him at if you have
any further queries/ if you need some further assistance.
Step 4: Create the visitor’s profile and opportunity in Pipedrive. Copy the conversation and
add into the notes in Pipedrive in the respective visitor’s profile for future reference.
Step 5: Fill in the form in Google Doc:
* RedMine
For wikis and entering your working hours.
* TripIt
This is to record your travel itinerary.
* Adobe EchoSign
For e-signature purpose
* Xero
Financial Purpose
* Amiando
A ticketing system that we are using to sell our training tickets. Buyer can choose to pay us directly as well with the condition that they provide us a PO. We will then issue them an invoice.
* Pipedrive/ Trello
Sales tracking and record purpose
### What to install
A secure password storing application. You can use Store the file on dropbox so you can access it from any device that you have dropbox on.
## Holiday and Leave of Absence
### Public Holiday
There will be three common public holidays that apply to ALL Olindata employees.
* New Year (1st January)
* Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)
* Christmas (25 December)
Other than the 3 public holidays, each country of the employee’s origin can have up to 3 days of public holiday of their choice. As from June 2014 onwards, here are the holidays fixed for each country.
#### The Netherlands
* Easter Monday (The day after Easter Sunday)
* King's Day (26 April, it will be on 27 April from 2015 onwards)
* National Remembrance Day (4 May)
* Ascension Day (29 May - 40 days after Easter)
* Pentecost Monday (The day after Pentecost Sunday - Whitsunday)
* Sinterklaas (5 December)
* Boxing Day (26 December)
Of course, if you need to request an extension for the specific public holidays, you may apply it as your leave of absence :)
Please keep in mind, you will need to give notice at least 1 week in advance for the team members to know that you will be away for the public holiday in your own country and of course, register it in Podio (for public holidays, absence leaves and medical leaves). Refer 2.3 How to apply Days Off (Public Holiday/ Absence)
This implementation is hoping that employee can have a clearer sight on the public holidays that are entitled and hope it helps for the employee’s holiday planning with the family and friends.
### Regulation on Unlimited Leave of absence
All the team members of OlinData have the right to take unlimited leave of absence in a year. The concept of "unlimited leave" is regulated as follows:
* In general, each employee should strive to send a prior notice to their manager at least 2 weeks in advance for the days they plan to take off. The further in advance leave gets requested, the easier it is for your manager to take it into account when planning workload, therefore the higher the chance it gets approved.
* In principle, every request will be granted unless there is a good reason to not do so. Should a request get denied, the reason for it shall be given in writing along with the denial. Before denying though, it's preferable to adjust a request so it can at least be granted partially.
* Team leaders and management have the right to reject holiday requests due to lack of personnel, ongoing projects and planned trainings.
* Work performance (logged hours, projects, achievements) will be the main factors to consider long requests for leave. Do a great job and we won't whine about your long holiday :)
* Employees are requested to consider the work load, ongoing projects and the number of employees left that can do their tasks when they ask for a long holiday.
* For every day of absence granted, the number of contractual hours for that month goes down by 8. This time is to be logged on a separate leave of absence issue in the OlinData internal project.
### How to apply Days Off (Public Holiday/ Absence)
All the team members of OlinData have to apply their holiday, absence, sick leaves etc, in Podio - OlinData HQ - Days Off (
Step 1: Click on the “Add Absence” at your right.
Step 2: Complete all the details needed in the column provided accordingly.
Note: Please include the description of public holiday/ leave under “Note”.
Example: Pulic Holiday - Wesak Day, Holiday - Family vacation to Thailand..
Step 3: Just click any space outside the box and all your details will be saved.
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