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### Travel Expenses
When will OD pay for travel
When travelling for OD-related matters, OD will cover expenses (flight, accommodation, transport) and/or give you an allowance. Mine & Irene will be handling your travel so please do talk to them if you need certain things. For more on travel expenses, please refer 3.2 Trip compensation
## Budgets
Once in a while we have small projects that mean people need to spend some money on them. An example is when Farley made the door lock in the office. Rather then him having to buy everything out of pocket and then expensing it back (creating burden for the employee and for the finance team who have to reconcile and reimburse it all) we have another solution for this.
We have an OlinData bunq account that has a small amount of money in it. On case-by-case basis we create a subaccount in that account and give credentials to the employee. They can then spend from that account using iDeal transactions (every webshop in the Netherlands supports this) and make sure the receipts go to
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