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......@@ -6,16 +6,22 @@ A potential moving of country for a new job is a big undertaking and shouldn't b
OlinData pays for the flight ticket from your country of residence to Amsterdam. Please arrange this with Mine.
# your first few weeks here
# Your first few weeks here
For EU citizens, we pay for the first 2 weeks of accommodation in a [student hotel]( (misleading name) of your choice.
For people from outside the EU we pay for the first 3 weeks.
For people outside of EU might be interesting to register with your country's consulate if available in your city of choice or in The Hague.
For people from outside of the EU it might be interesting to register with your country's consulate(either in your city of residence or The Hauge).
Of course, if you have questions, you can always contact your [buddy](
# A Dutch phone number
It is helpful to have a local phone number. If you have a different EU number that will work for a while, but you'll want to eventually get a local number as it is cheaper for people to call
you. You can either get a contract or pre-paid. Pre-paid is very easy, just go in and pay about 20 Euro for a sim card and activation and you are done, no need for anything else. If you want a
contract you'll need your passport and a Dutch bank account.
# A place to live
## Which city should I live in?
......@@ -26,7 +32,9 @@ Living south of Den Haag is fine, but keep in mind travel times in rush hour to
## How can I find a place to rent once I figure out where to live?
<> or <>
<> or <> are good places to start. Often times contacting agents there will result in them directing you to their own websites to find information
on rentals. Most apartment viewings will need to be scheduled during working hours(9:00-17:00), most clients and Olindata are flexible with this in the first few weeks. Before going to a viewing get
a model employee document from Olindata which states your contract length and salary as most places require proof of income.
# Moving around
......@@ -42,7 +50,7 @@ Note that in case if you license was issued out of EU or EFTA then you will need
## How does public transport work?
You'll need a public transport card, known as OV-chipkaart
You'll need a public transport card, known as OV-chipkaart. There are 3 types available, a personal one(requires BSN and Dutch bank account), an anonymous one, and a business one. OlinData provides a business one, but you'll likely want to get an anonymous one right away and then a personal one once you have a BSN and bank account.
# Social Security Number (BSN or Burger Service Nummer)
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