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20% project+ Knowledge sharing

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# 20% project
Related to the previous item, we have a 20% rule that was copied from Google's engineering team: you are allowed to spend 20% of your time (effectively one day a week) on some project that is not highest priority, and it can be anything you come up with, as long as there is some perspective of usefulness for OlinData (in the widest sense of the word). For instance (and this is just an example), Walter happened to have registered a domain called <> years ago, which in his mind was going to be a tripadvisor for divesites worldwide. If you think that that is what you would love to spend some time on, you could do that for your 20% work. Also, the 20% project is optional. If you feel like you want to not make use of the opportunity, that's cool too.
You're free to divide the number of hours assigned anyway you want. If you want to work 8 20-hour days per month that is fine with the management (although we don't think it's a great plan productivity wise ;) ) That said, it would be nice if you spread things out a bit so you'd be available at least a few hours during most weekdays. If you work better in evenings, mornings, weekends, etc. That is fine with us. The communication part we listed in one of the items below should make it possible for us to work asynchronously.
20% of your time (effectively one day a week) is OlinData time to develop and working on on-going projects in the company & employee development
20% projects will be managed like any other project
- will have a project manager
- defined goals and sub-goals
- Clearly defined time for task and subtask
#### so how to start a project?
The truth is that it is quite simple ... just set up a meeting with your project manager
And together set up a Goals & timeline in Mavenlink
#### I'm special so I also need special things !!
In this situation and assuming there is a large project that you want to implement... before you set up a meeting with your project manager do a POC with an estimated budget
the project manager job is to give you the freedom and move out the way all the approvals you need (like budget and free time )
(For now we have only one project manager....Gavriel Amira)
# Introduction
Since most of us are away on engagements, we don’t always get to see each other a lot. We feel that it is important for us as a team to spend time together to bond, learn and inspire each other. If we’re going to spend time together we need to make sure this is done in a meaningful manner because time is a commodity that should be well spent. This page explains a few of the things we’re doing to achieve this.
# Doing OD-day work
At OlinData we have the 20% [policy](./ , which allows you discretionary time to spend on things that are valuable to your professional development, the company or otherwise. Unless the nature of this work prevents you from doing so, we’d like you to do your OD-day work at the office.
By doing this we hope to create an atmosphere where people can easily collaborate and ask each other for help while building a team feeling by being physically in the same space.
# Knowledge sharing
We are an incredibly diverse and highly experienced team. While on assignment, and during our OD-days we learn, and create amazing things. To inspire and teach each other we will organize a sharing activity every week. We all have something to share! So everyone is required to present something once every cycle.
We will publish a schedule here: <insert link>. In preparation of this event we’d like you to come up with a subject at least a week in advance. If you have any trouble thinking of something, or need help preparing a talk don’t hesitate to ask for help from any of your colleagues.
There aren’t much restrictions to what you can present, but the talk should preferably be at least 15 minutes unless there is good reason not to. A good session should take 30-45 minutes in total, with a maximum of an hour.
# Weekly overview
As a company, we are growing there is more- and more going on in the company every month.
While we are at assignments it is hard to keep track of what everyone is working on and what we are achieving as a company.
With so much going on, it is easy to miss out on learning moments and things to celebrate.
To increase transparency within the company and create a shared feeling of progress we are having a weekly company overview.Even though initially this might sound boring, that is the opposite of what we want to achieve.
## Standup
To ensure that we spend our time effectively we should keep the conversation short- and to the point. A tool that we could benefit from greatly is the standup form.
By having a standup that is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes we are forced to focus on what’s important. During this stand up everyone has a short timespan to talk about what they’ve achieved since the last time; What they are going to do, and anything that is hindering them from achieving their goal. This can be anything:
- Something you’re working on at a client.
- What you’re working on during your OD-day.
- What you’re trying to learn.
- Some internal project.
- Anything you find relevant.
Keep in mind that we have a total of 15 minutes, so asking a question is fine, but if this goes too far in depth you will be asked to discuss it after the meeting.
- Something you’re working on at a client.
- What you’re working on during your OD-day.
- What you’re trying to learn.
- Some internal project.
- Anything you find relevant.
Keep in mind that we have a total of 15 minutes, so asking a question is fine, but if this goes too far in depth you will be asked to discuss it after the meeting.
## Celebrating achievements
By beginning the process of talking about what we’re doing and achieving in- and for the company, we will discover many reasons for celebration. Be it big- or small!
We should come up with a way to celebrate our victories, let’s come up with something together!
# Shared lunches
`There is little man bonds over more, than having a shared meal` - Jonah, 2018.
If we’re in the office together at the same time, we might as well have lunch together.
Groceries are bought on Wednesday, so if you’re not going to be in on Friday, please let us know before then. Otherwise we’re assuming that you’ll be there.
If you have any food allergies or preferences please let us know before than so we can take these into account.
# Being present
We assume everyone to be there on Fridays, but if you can’t make it this is totally fine. We do expect this to be for good reason. We’re all responsible adults, so we trust you to make the right decision.
It is important that you communicate your availability if you’re not coming.
  • About the modifications on the 20% project, it would be nice to have a deeper explanation. We base all of our decisions from good context. Also, the playbook is public, so it is always great to give as much information as possible there. :)

  • This 20% project time was unclear to me so I started to read about it on the internet. I can image, Gavriel tries to clear this up and give some more shape and form to it. Cause by default I can think of 3-4 project what I would love to do, BUT OD wouldn't really benefit from it, at least not in a common way. I also find an interesting article about 20% time and creativity.

  • Clarified this a bit more in the new version.

  • Personal development Normally we use mavenlink to administer the goals and tasks for these projects, but if you fill your OlinData time with purely personal development like for instance studying for a certification you should also speak with your direct lead and add the goals to bamboo

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