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OlinData has an open policy for the salary paid to each employee. We trust that we pay each employee at a fair rate. Should you want to know the salary being paid to any employee, feel free to talk to Walter or Mine.
### Payslips
Everyone receives their payslip around 1 week before the end of each month. You should also get a login to nmbrs, the SaaS system we use for payrolls. If you don't have access please ask Walter to get it for you.
If you leave OlinData you can keep access to this system by changing your account email from your email to a personal address. You might need this access in order to retrieve your 'jaaropgave' for tax purposes the year after you leave.
## Holiday money
In the Netherlands it is standard to pay so-called 'vakantiegeld' (holiday money). You will see this saved up every month with your salary and it gets paid out with your May salary. By default this is 8% of your annual salary which means that if you have worked with us from June 1st to May 30th the next year at the end of May you can basically expect an extra month's salary.
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