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# Company car policy

A company car is not something we give by default (mostly due to low demand) but if we do, we try to stick to the following policies.

# EV only

Since we care much about the environment and we would like to support a move to fully electric driving, we only provide fully electric vehicles to employees.

# Budget

As of now there is no policy for a budget of what kind of car you can get, so this needs to be determined

## Going over budget

If you want to get a car that is above the budget set to you by OD, that should be possible. Talk to Mine and we can figure out how to deal with this.

# 4% Bijtelling

This is a weird concept in Dutch law, but basically the Dutch government has decided that a company car is counting as some sort of in-natura payment and as such, each private individual needs to pay a percentage of the catalog price of the car they are driving on an annual basis. For full EV's in 2017 this is set to 4%. This bijtelling is taken from your salary on your payslip every month.

# Home charging

If you want to adjust your home situation to enable fast charging at home, you need to make some changes. This paragraph will eventually tell you how much of that the company will pay for and how much is yours.

# On the go charging

We provide The New Motion subscriptions, exact policy to be defined.