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# The OlinData employee handbook
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This repository contains the OlinData handbook that should explain anything that can reasonably be explained in public. This handbook is public and open source and we're happy for others to copy/use as they see fit.

# Table of Contents

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*   [Who's who](
*   [Some History](
*   [About our culture](
*   [Employee benefits](
*   [Branding](
*   [Code of Conduct](
*   [Financial Info](
*   [Joining OlinData](
*   [Recruitment process](
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*   [Dealing with the Media](
*   [Software and Saas products we use](
*   [OlinData Security Policy](security-policy/
*   [Taking time off](
*   [A company car](
*   [20 percent project](
*   [First Day Checklist](
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*   [The office](

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# This is a collaborative effort

As with many things at OD, this handbook is an open source, collaborative effort. This means that if you see something you think can be changed, should be added or removed, we expect you to make the change, file a pull request against the repository this document is in and explain why you think it should be changed. This can be anything from a whole new section to a process that no longer works as documented to something as simple as a spelling error or language mistake. Every little bit helps! This document will never be complete, so if you want to make a good impression with the rest of the team, file multiple pull requests at this document and we will love you for it. In fact, if you file none you probably want to think about if this document is really at it's absolutely best it can be.

Now, let's get this show on the road!

# Inspiration
The end-goal is to have a nice crowdsourced handbook like the [one clef uses]( or the one from [GitLab](