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# 20% project
Related to the previous item, we have a 20% rule that was copied from Google's engineering team: you are allowed to spend 20% of your time (effectively one day a week) on some project that is not highest priority, and it can be anything you come up with, as long as there is some perspective of usefulness for OlinData (in the widest sense of the word). For instance (and this is just an example), Walter happened to have registered a domain called <http://divesitebuddy.com> years ago, which in his mind was going to be a tripadvisor for divesites worldwide. If you think that that is what you would love to spend some time on, you could do that for your 20% work. Also, the 20% project is optional. If you feel like you want to not make use of the opportunity, that's cool too.

You're free to divide the number of hours assigned anyway you want. If you want to work 8 20-hour days per month that is fine with the management (although we don't think it's a great plan productivity wise ;) ) That said, it would be nice if you spread things out a bit so you'd be available at least a few hours during most weekdays. If you work better in evenings, mornings, weekends, etc. That is fine with us. The communication part we listed in one of the items below should make it possible for us to work asynchronously.