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# Bringing your partner with you

This page explains some of the things involved in taking your partner (or family) with you to the Netherlands when you come here as a knowledge migrant.
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# Declaration of relationship status

If you're married, we'll need a marriage certificate. If you're not, we need official government documents that show for both of you that you're not married to anyone.

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If your country doesn't provide such certificate you need to legalize a contract of non-marital status and get it recognized as an official document.

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# Age requirement

In order to bring your partner here, if you're not already married you need to both be over the age of 21. Note that for this condition the only way to get your partner along with the same status of residence is through marriage. 
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If your partner is coming to the Netherlands through the knowledge migrant program, Walter will apply for them through the IND portal at the same time of your application. If your partner is younger then 21 years of age and you are married, the online portal cannot be used as of July 1st 2017. In that case, the following form is needed: <>