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# Coming to NL as a knowledge migrant

# The application process

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The application can be done by Walter fully online. If you're coming by yourself, the process is super easy and besides a copy of your passport all we need is a form that states you haven't committed any crimes. See Antecedents declaration below.

We also need to know your address (which should be in your BambooHR information) and the place where you wish to pick up your MVV (should be in the country where you have a residence permit).

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# MVV or not?

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Almost guaranteed a yes, although it might be easier to get for some nationalities then others.

# Multiple nationalities

If you have multiple nationalities, you need to chose which one you want to use, then stick with the documents for that one through the whole process.

# Documents needed

A list of all forms can be found here: <>

[Antecedents declaration](
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In case of family members coming along: [Authorisation and sponsorship declaration](
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Keep in mind that you might need to get your translations an [apostille]( in order to get them recognized at the Dutch consulate in your country, this mostly happens when your documents are translated to English, French or German.