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# First day checklist

Check that you have a Google account ->

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Then, check that you can log in to
[services used by OlinData](
Most importantly, check that you can log in to these using your Google account:

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- [Slack][slack]
- [BambooHR][bamboo]
- [OD Gitlab][gitlab]
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If you encounter issues with any of the above please feel free to contact Walter or Mine.

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## Profiles
There's a few places we want to make sure have up-to-date personal information.

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### BambooHR
[Sign in][bamboo] and click "My info". Please make sure this
information is as complete as possible; it makes our HR people love

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### OlinData website

1. [Sign in]( using your account given and create your own password
1.  Click "Edit". You will be directed to a page to fill in your basic information in each column accordingly, upload your photo and write a short biography about yourself.
1.  Click “Save” at the bottom left

### Professional Profile
In order to offer your skills to our customers, we need you to create your professional profile. The profile is composed by a model CV we use and a small slides presentation. You can find the templates at OD Google Drive. For more information ask Jonah or Mine

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### Contact directory
Update your contact information in our
[Google address book](

## Problems?
If you can get on [Slack][slack], send a message to us in our #general
channel, and any one of us will happily help you out. Otherwise, get
in touch with Walter or Mine.