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# Who's who?

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Before we dive into what your new position is all about, it is
important that you get to know the people around. For a quick overview, see [OurTeam]( on the OlinData website. For more personal stories, read on.
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## current team

### Choon Ming Goh
OD's first engineer on fulltime payroll. Been onboard since 2012. Expert in pretty much anything that can be controlled by a keyboard. Loves food, hails from Malaysia but relocated to Holland with help from OD. Choon Ming is one of the most experienced puppet trainers.

### Mine Heck
Born in Turkey, joined OlinData in 2012. She grew from doing finance and administrative work through sales all the way to becoming the CEO in 2015. Speaks Mandarin, Turkish, English and Dutch. Keen sense of business, good memory. Best not to make her angry :)

### Walter Heck
Born in Holland, founded OlinData back in 2008 after his father passed away. Been in IT since early 2000's, in anything from programmer to system engineer, dba and later founder and then CTO of OlinData. Can be bribed with food and beer. Married to Mine
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### Melinda Kiss
Born in Hungary, Melinda moved to Netherlands in 2009. She decided to change her career 4 years ago and started working in IT as a database engineer/DevOps. She is an active member of Perl Amsterdam and one of the core-organizer for SHA.
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### Jonah Meijers
Jonah is a master festival organizer from Amsterdam who joined the company in 2017. He is a DevOps engineer by day and a super dad by night. He has always been fascinated by solving complex problems, both on an organizational- and technical level.
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### Nur Bulut
Nur moved to Netherlands in 2017 to work as a business developer for OlinData. She left her corporate job as a consultant in Istanbul and made the move to work with start ups. Nur speaks fluent Turkish, English and German.

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### Farid Nouri Neshat
From an early age Farid enjoyed playing with computers. He began learning the programming language Visual Basic 6 when he was 12. At 16, he started learning Javascript and was introduced to Node.js thanks to a local meetup. Soon after searching for gaining real world experience, he started his career by doing an internship in Flightoffice. He worked his way up throughout the years and became the lead software engineer while at the same time studying for his bachelor’s degree at the University of Nottingham.

### Marcello Evangelista
Marcello was born in Brasil and enjoyed an education in Music. By coincidence he ended up in engineering and we're very happy for that. Marcello gained much of his experience consulting with some of the largest Brasilian insurance companies, banks and payment processors focused on Security. Along the way he also picked up many Operations skills, making him a great crossover between the two fields.

### Oliver Lowe