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# The office

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## General Office Information
General office information can be found in the OlinData wiki.
- Link:

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## Code of Conduct in the office
The office is a space we will have to share so it is important to be mindful of each other. Please apply these basic rules of conduct and when in doubt, use common sense.

### Office activity
- Clean up after yourself
- Put used cups and dishes in the dishwasher
- After breakfast and/or lunch everybody helps with the clean up

### Personal habits
- No smoking inside the office
- Make sure you don´t have an overpowering odor (good or bad)
- Be weary with loud or smelly food
- Be careful with playing music loudly. If you want to listen to loud music please use headphones.
- Be careful with the oven. Seriously.
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### Etiquette
- Respect co-worker´s and company´s property
- Don´t take things without asking
- Don´t speak loudly over the phone

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### Handeling Conflicts
As said before the office is a shared space. We hope no conflicts will arise. If there are any issues that could cause conflicts to arise, please try to resolve the issue in a mindful manner. If this does not work talk to Walter, Jonah or Mine.

## Suggesting changes or improvements
The office is a new environment for all of us. If you have any idea´s to improve the workspace or want to see change in something go and talk to Walter, Mine or Noor.

## Requesting Equipment
We are arranging an IT asset management program in which we can see what assets we have and where you can request or maybe already find the items you need. Until that is arranged go to Walter, Mine or Noor to request equipment.

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## Meetups
We very much encourage you to organise regular meetups using our
office as the venue. If you want to do so, please clear a date with
Mine. When you organise a meetup, you carry full responsibility for
the office. This includes being there when the first guests arrive,
crowd control (ahum), and making sure that by the end of the meetup
the office looks the same (or nicer) as it was when you found it.