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# OlinData blog

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We encourage everyone to share their stories from their work out in
the wild as a post on [OlinData's blog][odblog].

Articles are put into the queue every second Friday. An article from
the queue is posted every second Tuesday. For the current schedule see this
Google calendar:


The current maintainer of is oliver at
See [internal/www]( for more
tech detail on how articles are posted, formatted etc.

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Humans have used stories to express themselves for a very long time. A
story has a nice way of sharing understanding by going through things
from beginning to end, describing all the problems and fun bits along
the way.

Here are some example topics that could guide you on telling your
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next story:

* Making a particular script/playbook/class truly idempotent
* Experiences containerising large software
* How gathering and visualising data finally led to fixing that one
thing that was being ignored
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* Why changing from tool X to tool Y led to significant decrease in build times
* Experiences in conferences and relevant events
* Reviews on books, certifications and training material
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As a company dedicated to open source software we recognise the
importance of contributing to projects' documentation. We don't want
to let useful writing rot or sit unnoticed on a company blog. Writing
which involves detailed technical definitions and explanations may be
more suitable as contributions to a project's official documentation.

Some topics which are suited to real technical documentation:

* How to install and configure a computing cluster using tool 'X'.
* How to integrate a certain CI system with a certain cloud provider