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*Bank holidays 2018*
* Nieuwjaarsdag: Monday 1st of January 2018
* Goede vrijdag: Friday 30th of March 2018
* Pasen (eerste en tweede paasdag): Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd of april 2018
* Koningsdag: Friday 27th of April 2018
* Bevrijdingsdag: Saturday 5th of May 2018
* Hemelvaartsdag: Thursday 10th of May 2018
* Pinksteren (eerste en tweede pinksterdag): Sunday 20th and Monday 21st of May 2018
* Kerst (eerste en tweede kerstdag): Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th of December 2018
*Official holiday 2019*
* Nieuwjaarsdag: Tuesday 1st of January 2019
* Goede vrijdag: Friday April 19th 2019
* Pasen (eerste en tweede paasdag): Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd of April 2019
* Koningsdag: Saturday 27th of April 2019
* Bevrijdingsdag: Sunday 5th of May 2019
* Hemelvaartsdag: Thursday 30th of May 2019
* Pinksteren (eerste en tweede pinksterdag): Sunday 9th and Monday 10th of June 2019
* Kerst (eerste en tweede kerstdag): Wenesday 25th and Thursday 26th of December 2019
## Regulation on Unlimited Leave of absence
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