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### MySQL Consulting
OlinData started off as a freelance comoany where Walter delivered MySQL consultancy remotely to companies requiring help. Walter started attending open source conferences to talk about MySQL and Open Source.
### Tribily
Tribily was a startup within a startup where we did a project to run Zabbix-as-a-Service. This was using zabbix 1.4, which was still suffering from alert storms. While the project was self-financed and sustainable, it was shutdown in favor moving focus back to OlinData.
### Zabbix consulting
Along the previous Tribily project Walter and Krish Das did a lot of zabbix consulting, helping companies with their zabbix setups. There was a small foray where Walter started writing a zabbix book together with Rihards Olups, but quickly found out he wasn't made for writing books.
### notable people
* Walter started the company
* [Srikrishna Das]( used to freelance for Walter, helping out with lots of different engineering tasks
* Joost Faassen from LinkORB was an early customer
* Arjen Lentz from OpenQuery let Walter work for his customers with a very flexible arrangement
## 2012: the first employees!
### Setting up Singapore
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