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# Why do we have this Standard?
Reports are usually read by non-technical people so they need to be written
differently, our technical prowess should be translated to a more direct and
concise overview of performed actions, delivered milestones and goal setting.
# What do we expect to achieve?
OlinData is customer-driven company and, as such, our deliveries should always
deliver the biggest value to our final customer. As consultants, we don't only
communicate with technical bodies, we often need to get in contact with managers
c-level executives and
# Three steps that cover miles
1. It is a broad overview
Reporting isn't documenting. Even though they're great allies to a proper
delivery, the report is done more often and also as an opener.
Ie.: Recon Phase
1. Scientific approach
Just like we should do with documentation, reports should reflect attainable
facts and forecasts. If you find this hard, stick to the original scope of
the project and go from there.
1. Execs like graphs
Reports are usually targeted towards executives and non-technical folks.
Therefore, is a great way to translate our tech awesomeness into
intelligible business talk.
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