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......@@ -21,12 +21,12 @@ All the team members of OlinData have the right to take 25 days leave of absence
* In general, each employee should strive to send a prior notice to their manager at least 2 weeks in advance for the days they plan to take off. The further in advance leave gets requested, the easier it is for your manager to take it into account when planning workload, therefore the higher the chance it gets approved.
* In principle, every request will be granted unless there is a good reason to not do so. Should a request get denied, the reason for it shall be given in writing along with the denial. Before denying though, it's preferable to adjust a request so it can at least be granted partially.
* Team leaders and management have the right to reject holiday requests due to lack of personnel, ongoing projects and planned trainings.
* Work performance (logged hours, projects, achievements) will be the main factors to consider long requests for leave. Do a great job and we won't whine about your long holiday :)
* Employees are requested to consider the work load, ongoing projects and the number of employees left that can do their tasks when they ask for a long holiday.
* It is strongly recommended each person schedules at least one longer holiday each year, preferrably 2 consecutive weeks. We need you, but we need you sane!
* Spreading the holiday year around is highly recommended, so you don’t burn out from long stretches without a break. We recommend everyone to schedule at least a 3 day break evrey quarter.
* There is a company-wide 22-day minimum limit for everyone.
* Holiday can not be rolled over.
* Remaining holiday days can be rolled over to first 6 months of the following year.
* For more information please check the links: and
## Regulation on sabbatical leave
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