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# The application process
The application can be done by Walter fully online. If you're coming by yourself, the process is super easy and besides a copy of your passport all we need is a form that states you haven't committed any crimes. See Antecedents declaration below.
We also need to know your address (which should be in your BambooHR information) and the place where you wish to pick up your MVV (should be in the country where you have a residence permit).
# MVV or not?
Almost guaranteed a yes, although it might be easier to get for some nationalities then others.
# Multiple nationalities
If you have multiple nationalities, you need to chose which one you want to use, then stick with the documents for that one through the whole process.
# Documents needed
A list of all forms can be found here: <>
[Antecedents declaration](
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## Which city should I live in?
Up to you. Keep in mind that much of the economic activity in this country is in and around the Amsterdam area, especially for the type of clients we service. That means that for your first 6-12 months it's probably going to be best if you live in Amsterdam or one of the surrounding cities (Haarlem, Hoofddorp, even Leiden).
Living south of Den Haag is fine, but keep in mind travel times in rush hour to get to Amsterdam.
## How can I find a place to rent once I figure out where to live?
<> or <>
# Moving around
## Do I need a car?
Not really, public transport is great in NL. You can get pretty much anywhere by public transport. The majority of OD employees don't have one. Of course, your freedom increases if you do have one.
## Can I use my driver's license?
## How does public transport work?
# Bringing your partner with you
This page explains some of the things involved in taking your partner (or family) with you to the Netherlands when you come here as a knowledge migrant.
# Declaration of relationship status
If you're married, we'll need a marriage certificate. If you're not, we need official government documents that show for both of you that you're not married to anyone.
# Age requirement
In order to bring your partner here, if you're not already married you need to both be over the age of 21.
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