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......@@ -9,5 +9,8 @@ It is important to us that you take the maximum advantage of the 20% rule and we
# Goal Setting
We use Bamboo's functionality to keep track of the current progress, it is very important that you take your time to update your progress frequently. In Bamboo it is also possible to write comments about your goal.
# Time registration
To increase visibility into what we're doing we use MavenLink to register our time. When working on 20% projects, you are required to register this time also in MavenLink. You can register your time under 'OlinData internal Unbillable' with a minimum granularity of a day. You can use the comment field to give a short and sweet summary of what you did. Something along the lines of 'Studying for AWS Associate Architect certification' is fine.
# Content production
One of the greatest overall perks of the 20% project is to have a shareable outcome, perhaps in the form of blog content. This content can also be a knowledge sharing session, a mini-project or even internal wiki track about the topic.
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