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# Why do we have this standard?
Documentation is one of the most crucial aspects of our jobs. We heavily rely on
it to understand new tools and technologies so it is very natural to strive for
this same level when delivering work to our customers. A well written
documentation is a very important, and visible, delivery item. It often serve as
a very good point of reference for internal usage and external display of our
core strengths.
# What do we expect to achieve?
OlinData is customer-driven company and, as such, our deliveries should always
deliver the biggest value to our final customer.
# Three steps that cover miles
1. Expand audience
Our documentation efforts should be as broad as our technical awesomeness is.
Our work is not to just deliver a solution, we also deliver knowledge.
1. Scientific approach
We should base our documentation in facts not concepts. By doing so, we'll
manage to always have a clear delivery without any misunderstandings.
1. Internal conversion
Documentation shouldn't only serve our customers, it's also a great wealth of
internal knowledge. Please check if there are content boundaries before
sharing it internally with OD's team.
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