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## Finance
### Salary
Salary is paid monthly, during the last week of each month. Should your salary include commission, please speak to Walter and Mine about the arrangements of when payment will be.
Should you want a review of salary, please speak to Walter and Mine about it. The salary review process will take into account your performance in your role, market rates for your role and OD’s ability to pay. Please do note that reviews will not necessarily lead to an increase.
OD has an open policy for the salary paid to each employee. We trust that we pay each employee at a fair rate. Should you want to know the salary being paid to any employee, feel free to talk to Walter or Mine. It is fine :)

### Trip compensation
#### Accommodation
Trainers are encouraged to stay with family/friends/Couchsurfing where it is possible. That said, the main priority is that you are well rested and feel comfortable at the place of accommodation.
In the cities where the above is not possible/feasible, OlinData will provide and pay for accommodation. We will look for the most suitable place within a certain price range like AirBnb rooms or simple hotels. OlinData will consult you before making the last decision, so you will have a say in the final decision.

Accommodation Price Range (Per Night)

* Singapore: SGD 50 - 60
* India: SGD 50 - 55

OlinData pays for the night before the engagement you are traveling for, the nights during the engagement and the night after the last day of the engagement. Hence, it should be 4 nights for a 3 days’ training but OlinData will cover the maximum of 5 nights per training.
If for any reason OlinData decides to fly you in earlier or fly you out later, your extra nights of accommodation will be under responsibility of OlinData. If it is not under OlinData decision, the extra nights shall be under responsible of the employee.

#### Transportation
OlinData will pay for employees' travel expenses between their city of residence and the city the engagement is in. The aim is to fly in the day before the training and out either on the last day of the training or the following day. If however flight prices are much cheaper on earlier days (on the way to the training) or later days (on the way back) we'll try to find a solution that is satisfactory to both employee and OlinData.
Change of itinerary for non-business reasons
If the employee wishes to fly in much earlier or fly out much later in order to add more time in the country, that is possible. In principal we will pay for the amount the flights closer to the training dates would cost us, but on individual basis we can decide to waver that rule. The same goes for flying in from a different location or flying out to/from a different location: we will look at the flight prices of the flight that would normally be used and if there is a significant difference the employee is responsible for paying that difference.

#### Daily Allowance
Daily allowance will be paid by per diem basis for OlinData Asia Employees from June 2014 onwards.
We will pay flight and accommodation separately, but every other expense will be within the per diem (including airport transfer services). The per diem will be added to the salary at the end of the month based on the number of days you spend out of your country/city. Please keep in mind that unless there is a different situation like two trainings happening or a customer visit, the maximum number of paid travel days per training is 5.
This clause is applying to all business trip, including private training when the client is not covering for the trainer’s expenses.
Singapore SGD 50/ per day (Revised on 13 October 2015 from SGD 65 to SGD 50)
India SGD 45/ per day (Revised on 13 October 2015 from SGD 50 to SGD 45)
Kuala Lumpur SGD 45/ per day (Revised on 13 October 2015 from SGD 50 to SGD 45)
As for OlinData India and OlinData BV employee, all expenses reimbursement will be based on receipts (Refer 3.3 Expense Reimbursement).
OlinData India - Rs. 2100/ per day
OlinData BV - Euro 50/ per day

### Expense Reimbursement
All expenses are subject to approval
Expenses have to be OD related in order to be eligible for reimbursement
If you are unsure on whether or not your purchase is valid for reimbursement, please do ask Mine before you purchase.
If you are buying any software for use with your job in OD, e.g. PDF Scanner, Keynote, please do let Walter and Mine know in advance before you purchase the software.
All expenses that require claims need to have a receipt. If you don't have a receipt, we cannot reimburse you.
What to do with expenses
Send the receipt to Mine. You can scan it or take a picture of the receipt (if you are taking a picture, do ensure it is of a good quality and we can see the details).
Your receipt will then be put into Xero and payment will be issued. For now, payment is issued together with your monthly salary. Should you need it urgently otherwise, please talk to Mine.

## Business Trip Arrangement
### Visa Application
What visas OD can provide
Currently, OD cannot provide any long-term visas for an OD employee to stay in a particular country.
If you are travelling for OD reasons, we will do our best to get you the appropriate visa you need for the particular country you are going to.
If you do need help with visas, please ask Mine and discuss about it.

### Travel Expenses
When will OD pay for travel
When travelling for OD-related matters, OD will cover expenses (flight, accommodation, transport) and/or give you an allowance. Mine & Irene will be handling your travel so please do talk to them if you need certain things. For more on travel expenses, please refer 3.2 Trip compensation