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# Management meetings
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Since Walter, Mine and Jonah are on the road quite often, sometimes it is hard to keep in sync. 
To make sure we keep a steady course towards our goals, the three of us will meet weekly to discuss our day-to-day operations and running matters.

## Agenda
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Since we're all very busy we need to use our time in an effective manner. By keeping our meetings focussed and following a known structure we can do this in an efficient manner. 
Every week, on Wednesday next Friday's agenda will be created, put on the google drive and sent around to all participants per email. 
This way, all participants can prepare for the meeting, and we make best use of our time. 

If you want to put something on the agenda, please send an email before Wednesday so everyone has the time to prepare for the points in question.

The standard format for a meeting is always open for change and further refinement. Currently the meeting structure is: 

Meeting <day of the week, day index, > of <month> - <year>

Attending: <People who are attending>
Unable to attend: <People who are unable to attend, but notified on beforehand> 
Moderator: <Name of the person moderating the meeting>
Note taker: <Name of the person producing the notes of the meeting>


1. Opening
2. Announcements
3. Setting agenda
4. Action items
5. Business units and long running projects
  a. Consultancy (Jonah)
  b. MSP (Walter)
6. New points
  a. <First new point on the agenda> 
  b. <Second new point on the agenda>
7. Long running points
  a. AWS Partnership
  b. <Second of the longer running points>
8. Question round
9. Meeting end.

Action points: 

11-01-2018: Rock a certain conference
12-01-2018: Produce a blogpost about said rocking

01-01-2018: Make the company even more awesome! 

21-02-2018: Jonah needs to perform action x
09-10-2017: Some old point Jonah has not taken care of yet. 

### Opening
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During the opening attendance is noted, and the meeting starts officially

### Announcements
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This is for announcing things that are mainly related to the meeting itself or have no other place.
For example: 
 - I need to leave early because I have a meeting with customer x
 - A company is coming to maintain our electricity on Monday and somebody needs to be present. 

 It is important to note here that the things that come up during announcements should not be of the nature that it triggers a discussion. It is simply a notification of a fact.

### Setting agenda
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If for some reason you were unable to add your points to the agenda on beforehand, this is the moment to speak up and add the points to the agenda. 
After this point, the only moment you can discuss something that is not on the agenda is during the question round.
This might seem harsh, but this is one of the main mechanisms of keeping our meetings focussed.

### Action items
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Action items can be created at every moment during the meeting. After every meeting, a corrected list of actual action points will get sent to all relevant parties
this will give an overview of: What has been completed, what is still in process, and all new points. 

When discussing this point, we quickly go over any open action points. It is not the intention to have a very long story about all points. 
Usually Completed, WIP or no longer relevant will suffice. 
If more context is needed, it is possible though.

### Business units and long running projects
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Our core business units, and ventures, have 1 responsible contact person. 
During the meeting, it is their responsibility to report on any progress and issues for this subject. 
When something needs to be communicated to this unit this will done through this single contact. 

### New points
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Anything new that comes up, or any new subjects that are proposed to the agenda are handled here. If the point is recurring and comes up at a next meeting, it will move to long running points. 

### Long running points
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Usually we can go through this subject pretty quickly. Here, longer running points are quickly reviewed to make sure that we keep an eye on them. 

### Question round
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During the meeting, it is not allowed to ask questions about anything off-topic, these questions and announcements are kept until this point of the meeting, where they can all be handled in one go. 

## Attending a meeting
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On Fridays at XX:XX we have our management meeting at the office. If one of us is unable to attend physically we will still try to join through videoconferencing.

Since we try to run this company in a transparent manner, these meetings are also open for everyone to join.
If you'd like to join one of these meetings because you are interested, or there is something you'd like to discuss with us. Please ask to be invited somewhere before Friday.
This way if there is anything sensitive on the agenda, we can keep this into account for the meeting. If you'd like to add something to the agenda, that is also possible then!

## Notes
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During every meeting notes are taken, these are publicly available except for any sensitive manners.
Any thing sensitive is simply refered to from the notes, and is stored elsewhere