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dolphinbox is a self-contained, portable computing cluster designed by
OlinData. It can be used to test or demonstrate distributed computing
systems, such as Kubernetes.
# Introduction
A dolphinbox consists of several Raspberry Pi's connected to each
other using standard IP networking. A small router acts as a gateway
connecting the internal network to the outside world.
Most importantly, it all fits inside a briefcase. The briefcase has an
embedded screen, keyboard and mouse for fun debugging and hacking
sessions while we're on the go at events or working together during an
[OD Friday][fridays].
# Documentation
We maintain a Google
with a list of parts and web site links to buy them from.
![dolphinbox Network Diagram](doc/dolphinbox.png)
# Download/Hacking/Contributing
dolphinbox is under active development, so please help us out! The
design and configuration of dolphinbox is open source.
[Browse the source](
# Render a PNG graph using graphiz's dot(1):
# dot -T png > dolphinbox.png
graph {
label = "dolphinbox Network Diagram"
subgraph clusterA {
label = ""
{ rpi1 rpi2 rpi3 rpi4 } -- switch
switch -- router
cellular -- router
wan -- router
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