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......@@ -125,9 +125,16 @@ class ASG():"No output from instance yet. Trying again in 10 seconds.")
# Wait for remaining instances (if any) to come up too
while len(self.asgs_healthy_instances(inactive_asg)) < scale_to['desired']:
# Wait for remaining instances (if any) to come up too (up to 5 minutes = 300 attempts)
attempts = 0
max_attempts = 300
while len(self.asgs_healthy_instances(inactive_asg)) < scale_to['desired'] and attempts != max_attempts:"Waiting for all instances to be healthy ...")
attempts += 1
if attempts == max_attempts:"Max timeout reached without success... Exiting!")
raise exceptions.AkinakaLoggingError"ASG fully healthy. Logging new ASG name to \"inactive_asg.txt\"")
open("inactive_asg.txt", "w").write(inactive_asg)
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