Explicit scale args

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......@@ -64,7 +64,12 @@ class ASG():
logging.info("Scaling ASG back up")
self.scale(new_asg, self.scale_to['min'], self.scale_to['max'], self.scale_to['capacity'])
auto_scaling_group_id = new_asg,
min_size = self.scale_to['min'],
max_size = self.scale_to['max'],
desired = self.scale_to['capacity']
while len(self.get_auto_scaling_group_instances(new_asg)) < 1:
logging.info("Waiting for instances in ASG to start ...")
......@@ -261,28 +266,35 @@ class ASG():
"version": launch_template_new_version
def scale(self, auto_scaling_group_id, min_size, max_size, capacity):
def scale(self, auto_scaling_group_id, min_size, max_size, desired):
"""Scale an ASG to {'min_size', 'max_size', 'desired'}"""
asg_client = aws_client.create_client('autoscaling', self.region, self.role_arn)
response = asg_client.update_auto_scaling_group(
return response
def get_current_scale(self, asg):
Gets the current scales of the given ASG; {'desired', 'min', 'max'}
Returns the current scales of the given ASG as dict {'desired', 'min', 'max'},
expects ASG ID as argument
if not self.scale_to:
asg_client = aws_client.create_client('autoscaling', self.region, self.role_arn)
asg = asg_client.describe_auto_scaling_groups(AutoScalingGroupNames=[asg])['AutoScalingGroups'][0]
return {"desired": asg['DesiredCapacity'], "min": asg['MinSize'], "max": asg['MaxSize']}
return {
"desired": asg['DesiredCapacity'],
"min": asg['MinSize'],
"max": asg['MaxSize']
def get_auto_scaling_group_instances(self, auto_scaling_group_id, instance_ids=None):
asg_client = aws_client.create_client('autoscaling', self.region, self.role_arn)
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