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......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ def create_kms_key(region, assumable_role_arn):
@click.option("--names", required=False, help="Comma separated list of DB/S3 names to transfer")
@click.option("--service", type=click.Choice(['rds', 'aurora', 's3']), required=False, help="The service to transfer backups for. Defaults to all (RDS, S3)")
@click.option("--retention", required=False, help="Number of days of backups to keep")
@click.option("--rotate", is_flag=True, required=False, help="Only rotate backups so [retention] number of days is kep, don't do any actual backups")
@click.option("--rotate", is_flag=True, required=False, help="Only rotate backups so [retention] number of days is kep, don't do any actual backups. Relevant for RDS only")
def transfer(ctx, take_snapshot, names, service, retention, rotate):
Backup [service] from owning account of [ctx.source_role_arn] to owning account
......@@ -38,30 +38,40 @@ class TransferS3():
def main(self, old_bucket_names):
1. Create bucket named s3_arn-backup with versioning
2. Set lifecycle configuration for objects in the bucket
3. Sync objects from the source buckets to the new bucket
Go through all the actions in this module's docstring
for old_bucket_name in old_bucket_names:
new_bucket_name = "{}-backup".format(old_bucket_name)
destination_account = self.account_id_from_role_arn(self.destination_role_arn)
source_account = self.account_id_from_role_arn(self.source_role_arn)
new_bucket_name = "{}-{}".format(old_bucket_name, destination_account)"Will create a backup bucket in the backup account if necessary")
new_bucket_name = self.create_backup_bucket(new_bucket_name, self.destination_role_arn)
new_bucket_name = self.create_bucket(new_bucket_name, self.destination_role_arn)
self.set_bucket_lifecycle(new_bucket_name, self.retention)
self.set_bucket_encryption(new_bucket_name, self.destination_kms_key)
self.sync_bucket(old_bucket_name, new_bucket_name, self.destination_kms_key)
def create_backup_bucket(self, new_bucket_name, role_arn):
def account_id_from_role_arn(self, role_arn):
Return the account ID that [role_arn] is attached to
sts_client = aws_client.create_client('sts', self.region, role_arn)
return sts_client.get_caller_identity()['Account']
def create_bucket(self, new_bucket_name, role_arn):
Create a bucket named [name]-backup to stored the backup objects in. Returns
the name of the new bucket
......@@ -79,6 +89,14 @@ class TransferS3():
)"Created the versioned bucket {}".format(new_bucket_name))
except destination_s3_client.exceptions.BucketAlreadyExists:
new_bucket_name = new_bucket_name + "-x""Bucket name was taken (probably because you're trying to restore " \
"the same account multiple times?), so the new bucket name " \
"is going to become: {}".format(new_bucket_name))
self.create_bucket(new_bucket_name, role_arn)
except destination_s3_client.exceptions.BucketAlreadyOwnedByYou:"No need to create {}, as it already exists and we own it".format(new_bucket_name))
......@@ -118,7 +136,7 @@ class TransferS3():"Set a lifecycle policy to keep only {} " \
"versions of objects, for the destination bucket".format(retention))
def set_bucket_policy(self, bucket, granter_role_arn, grantee_role_arn):
def set_bucket_policy(self, bucket, granter_role_arn, grantee_account):
Set a policy on [bucket] such that the account of [granter_role_arn] can perform
get, list, and put operations.
......@@ -128,9 +146,6 @@ class TransferS3():
a bucket policy
sts_client = aws_client.create_client('sts', self.region, grantee_role_arn)
account = sts_client.get_caller_identity()['Account']
source_s3_client = aws_client.create_client('s3', self.region, granter_role_arn)
......@@ -152,11 +167,11 @@ class TransferS3():
}""" % (bucket, account)
}""" % (bucket, grantee_account)
)'Successfully set a bucket policy so that account {} '\
'can perform operations on bucket {}'.format(account, bucket))
'can perform operations on bucket {}'.format(grantee_account, bucket))
def set_bucket_encryption(self, bucket, kms_key):
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