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# Creating a slack slash-command that functions as a quote-bot
## Introduction
When you're in an active slack-community quite often someone says something funny, or otherwise noteworthy.
'Back in the old days or IRC' having bots in channels that performed all kind of functions were standard. Some of them
even contained functionality to save and retrieve quotes.
Nowadays I find this to be lacking, and decided to build it myself using the serverless architecture.
When you're in Slack with a group of people, you want to be able to quote someone when they say something funny.
A long time ago there was something which is similar to Slack, that people were using. This was called IRC. It also had channels and nicknames and private messages etc.
In some IRC-Channels there would be bots that could save- and retrieve quotes
Nowadays I find this to be lacking in Slack, and decided to build it myself using the serverless architecture.
By leveraging AWS technologies like Lambda, API-Gateway and DynamoDB, I found it was possible to re-create the old-school quote bots.
In this repository you will find a file which contains the code for a lambda which performs this role.
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